Roof Seal

High-Performance coating technology has developed at an incredible rate since the early seventies and has developed an unparalleled range of intelligent systems designed to provide long-term waterproofing protection to buildings. This introduction provides an overview of the Kaufmann coating system for the waterproofing of all kinds of roofs, walls basements, and balconies. It explains the limitations of the traditional waterproofing materials and high lights the benefits of the Kaufmann coating system. By virtue of their design and construction, roof, walls, and balconies are constantly exposed to the effects of the weather. Water ingress can cause an incalculable amount of damage in a very short period of time . Leaking roofs, for example, cost businesses billions of rupees annually. By investing in the Kaufmann coating system you are not simply waterproofing a roof, wall, balcony; you are creating a safer, cleaner environment. Kaufmann coating is a company that for about 10 years has been creating and developing a wide range of innovative products and systems to waterproof every kind of surface , fossilizing its attention to the best reliability of final result and to the drastic reduction of probability of committing mistakes by the applicators; following a research and production policy based on maximum respect of the environment. kaufmann coating mission is to provide specific solutions, being in direct contact with building owners, designers, architects, contractors and application services providers, developing systems studied expressly for solving problems and satisfying the particular requirements of the yard from projecting phase to final construction. Kaufmann coatings have constantly combined the quality of its products with excellent technical services, providing quality assistance that is able to solve every kind of problem of all kind of construction at any (pre or post-construction ) stage. continuous control and examination of its products, technical assistance after-sales services and customer satisfaction are principles that Kaufmann coatings have always.

Kaufmann coatings action :

in these years our company has been proved, day by day to believe strongly in research and continuous development, increasing constantly its investments in R&D and quality areas

Why Roofs Leak :

Common Defects that can be cured by Kaufmann Coating System.

1) Inability to shed water

the majority of flat roofs fail to shed rainwater effectively and this leads to the formation of ponds. This is common when the fall of the roof is insufficient and it effectively becomes a dish that collects rainwater. The Combined attack of water and sunlight on the membrane substrate causes deterioration which results in leaks. Kaufmann’s coating system protects the roof from all weather conditions and will not degrade under pounded water.

2) Failure of joints and abutments

All buildings by virtue of their construction are prone to movement. Shifts in the roof deck can cause joints through 90 Degree, building movements are concentrated and can even tear the membrane. Kaufmann roof waterproofing systems offer exceptional mechanical strength and effectively move with the roof preventing such failure. In the existing waterproofing system to spring open, allowing water to enter the building. At abutments with parapet walls, where materials such as felt are turned.

3) Degradation of protective coating

Constant environmental attacks take their toll on traditional roofing substrates causing them to fail, paving the way for water ingress. temperature change causes movement, especially at joints and edges. which stresses the roof membrane and results in failure. High temperature and UV attack can cause materials to slump, craze, blister, and crack. Kaufmann roof coating systems are UV-resistant and provide all-weather protection to traditional roof substrates delivering maximum life expectancy.

4) Inadequate detailing around protrusions

Semi-rigid sheet materials e.g. felt can not easily envelop pipes and protrusions making such areas susceptible to leaks Kaufmann systems are brushed/roller applied which means they can encapsulate the most complex details providing a total waterproofing

Liquid Waterproofing :

Understanding how liquid-applied waterproofing: ss

cold liquid-applied cementitious waterproofing systems are advanced polymeric materials that, when applied to an existing surface, provide a seamless, protective barrier. The origins of cold liquid applied roof coatings as we know them today date back to the 1970s.

Since their inception they have been tested and proven to be effective repair materials in the majority of waterproofing scenarios, including felt, asphalt, asbestos sheeting and profiled metal sheet.

the products can be used on flat, pitched roofs, balconies and walkways. Being paint-like in nature, liquid coatings are highly versatile. With traditional resurfacing materials, like felt and asphalt, it can be difficult to achieve a 100% waterproof surface because of their limited detailing capabilities. Protrusions such as pipes and surface-mounted roof lights can not be easily protected by these materials alone.

By contrast, Kaufmann coatings can be applied anywhere paintbrush can reach providing total and seamless protection. when the time comes for first full maintenance our products can be easily refurbished by the application of an additional coat. This makes liquid applied systems a cost-effective repair material and a superior alternative to traditional roofing substrates, of course, you can re-felt, re-asphalt or even re-clad but the fundamental substrate issues outlined earlier in this information are still relevant and the roof will eventually fail again.

Our systems have been designed to withstand the toughest climatic conditions and are compatible with the majority of roof and balcony substrates.

Kaufmann seal white is a two-part acrylic polymer modified cementitious coating. it is supplied in a prepackaged form. this product is designed to be mixed easily on-site using a slow speed drill fitted with a mixing paddle and then applied to the substrate using a brush roller, trowel or spray. The Finished coating is of a slightly granular texture.

Seal white is suitable for use on all types of structures in industrial, commercial and residential areas including those situated in coastal environments. Seal white can be used on concrete, brick and blockwork is equally suited for both new and existing structures and provides a durable, flexible waterproof coating suitable in accepting both light and high foot traffic.

Kaufmann seal white also efficiently reflects sunlight and keeps its surface cool by re-radiating the sun’s heat back to its surroundings. the roof temperature stays lower there for the amount of heat conducted into the building below decreases. Seal white makes it happen . its white smooth and highly reflective surface makes your roof cool.

Kaufmann Seal white provides a waterproof membrane, used for waterproofing of all kinds. Seal white is a general-purpose, fast-drying liquid applied waterproofing membrane and can be applied to sound masonry by brush, roller or spray.

Seal white is non-toxic; non-hazardous and solvent-free liquid damp proof membrane , suitable for roofs/walls both above and below ground. Seal white designed to form an impermeable barrier to water on interior and exterior; vertical or horizontal, concrete block and cast-in-place concrete. Stops moisture from entering basement or cellar walls and stops water from exiting when applied to canals or holding basins.

Application Instructions :

Preparation :

All surfaces which are to receive the coating must be free from contamination such as oil, laitance, grease, wax, dirt or any other form of foreign matter, which could affect adhesion. Typically using high-pressure water jet or grit blasting can clean concrete surfaces. Spilled surfaces or those containing large blowholes, cracks or other such defects , should be repaired using the appropriate grade of concrete repair mortar.

Benefits and Features Of Kaufmann Coatings :

1: Waterproof
2: Non-toxic
3: Flexible
4: Heatproof
5: Allows water vapor to escape from the structure.
6: highly resistant to the effects of long term weathering, durable in all climatic conditions
7: Excellent bond of concrete and masonry
8: minimum surface preparation required
9: Designed to accept both light & high foot traffic
10: Does not require overcoating
11: Harmless for food storage tanks reservoirs etc.

Field of Applications :

Roofs :

Best as a waterproofing membrane for roofs with the additional power of heat proofing

Walls :

Can be used under/over render or plaster as a water barrier or vapor barrier

Basements :

as part of a waterproofing system beneath ground level

Tiling :

as secondary protection under tiles in wet areas e.g. bathrooms, food processing areas, balconies, etc.

Floors :

under/above screeds to provide a damp proof membrane

Water Storage :

The membranes perform well in our tests even when continuously immersed in water