Joint Sealant

Joint Sealant is one part self-leveling, moisture curing, rubberized joint sealant specifically developed to form a permanent watertight seal in interior and exterior joints in horizontal surfaces. it contains no solvents, joint sealant cures to flexible rubber with extraordinary adhesion and cohesion, capable of compensating for joint movement of +25% of the original joint with, the joint sealant is capable of supporting foot traffic as well as light, vehicular traffic when fully cured.
Super Sealant is a rubber-elastic sealant with high mechanical load capacity, good resistance to water, seawater,
salt solutions, benzine, and mineral oils; it resists roots, does not rot and has very good retraction capabilities.

Surface preparation :

All surfaces must be clean, dry and free of loose aggregate, latency, paint, corrosion, oil, grease, tar, asphalt, mastic compounds, wax, waterproofing agents, moisture and curing or form release agents.

Performance and limitations

Application :

  • Should not be used for structural or butt glazing
  • Not recommended for use in water immersion applications
  • Should not be used in joints less than 1/4 in width or depth
  • Should not be used with certain architectural coatings without prior testing
  • Should not be used on absorptive surfaces such as marble, limestone or granite without prior testing for discoloration or staining

Unsuitable substrates are:

  • Lime-containing plasters
  • Paint coatings
  • Gypsum containing building materials

Storage :

  • Store in cool but frost-free environment.
  • In an original unopened container, the material may be stored for 6 months

Use :

  • A joint sealant can be used to seal horizontal joints in below-grade construction, cracks in basements, foundations of buildings.
  • Joints in sewage treatment paints, garages, tunnels etc, and remain permanently elastic.
  • The material is also suitable for applications on vertical joints

Warranty :

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