Fipro Star

Fipro star is a Spray, shower or flood the water mixed solution at 5 litter per sq used for the termite proofing and also used for the fumigation. This is one of the best products which we have for termite proofing and fumigation.


1: Foundation pits
2: Foundation when reaches at DPC level
3: Before Construction of temporary (katcha) floor
4: Between Constructed area and outer plot


Drill Holes inside and outside the walls at every 2-3 litters per hole in order to create a barrier inside, around the walls and ground surfaces . all holes should be plugged after treatment.
Spray solutions on wooden doors, windows, and their frames.

Usage on Wood

a: 1 litter FiproStar 50SC

b: Wear safety glasses

c: Keep the fiprostar 50Sc away from eatable, animals, and children

d: if swallowed consult a physician immediately

e: Hit Just one termite kill the complete colony

f: Effective even at low dosage

g: Highly effective & economical

h: Long residual effects

i: Completely odorless

j: Nonirritating

k: non tainting

l: lowest toxicity